Finnish Gambling at Online Casino Sites

There are several major online & offline governing bodies in Finland and between them they control pretty much anything and everything to do with the gambling industry. These three main bodies include RAY, which is the sate-owned Finnish Slot Machine Association, as well as Veikkaus Oy and Fintoto Oy.

The driving force for the past 15+ years though has been PAF (Alands Penningautomatforening) and this government-owned monopoly operates from the autonomous Aland Islands (a Swedish speaking area of Finland). Veikkaus Oy basically controlled the Finnish state lottery and Fintoto Oy was mainly associated with horse racing, until recent years, when both organisations were allowed to expand.

It was only recently when the green light with given to these organisations to move further into other online gambling markets after the Finnish government eventually bowed to pressure from the state-owned RAY. This first paved the way for RAY to add online casino and poker products and then for Veikkaus Oy to offer online bingo and numbers games products.

So although there are a growing number of online casinos for Finnish players to visit, they are still quite restricted on the amount of gambling venues that are actually available. Finnish online casinos are perfectly secure and have obtained proper licenses to offer real cash gambling services. Finnish players are NOT breaking any laws when visiting thee sites.

Foreign operators have never really been able to gain a position to legally operate within Finnish borders and the Finish government continues restricting its residents from being able to sign up to foreign-owned gambling sites. As recently as 2010, the Finnish government made it impossible for offshore gambling companies to advertise their products to Finnish players.

Foreign operators are restricted from being able to use .fi domains, plus the government even made it impossible for foreigners to channel their advertising campaigns via Finnish publications & other Finnish broadcast outlets. Failure to comply with these new laws means that offshore operators could end up with a criminal record and a possible two year jail sentence.

The main language support at today’s reputable Finland online casinos is Finnish (Suomi), you can play in Euros and the customer support is generally provided around the clock for registered members. Should some kind of issue arise at any reputable Finnish owned/licensed online casino, you can rest assured that you will have the necessary legal backing that you are entitled to as a player to get your issue resolved.