Swedish Gambling at Online Casino Sites

It is currently legal for people to gamble online in Sweden and the monopoly is controlled by Svenska Spel and ATG (AB Trav och Galopp, the Swedish Racing Totalizator Board). Online gambling is basically permitted under the watchful eye of the government in Sweden and its agencies.

These reputable authorities/operators have the legal right to provide various online gambling services, which mainly include online poker, online bingo, casino games and lottery-style games, as well as offer horse racing and other similar sportsbetting services. They can offer these products to gamblers over the internet and also to mobile phone users. At the time of writing, foreign operators are still NOT permitted to offer their services in Sweden.

Despite the fact that foreign operators are banned from offering their services, they do still continue to welcome Swedish players and continue accepting real cash wagers from them. In early 2011, the Supreme Court in Sweden passed a law which meant that a popular table/card game called Texas Hold’em could be recognised as a game of skill or chance, but this would depend on which version of the game you are talking about.

The court stuck by its decision, maintaining that an element of skill is required when playing tournament poker, but this decision led to even more questions about how to tax revenue generated by poker. For those who enjoy playing online poker outside of the European Economic Area or outside of the European Union, a 30% tax on winnings is normally applied.

However, winnings are completely tax free for remote gamblers who play at sites which are licensed in the Isle of Man (recognised as a non-European Economic Area jurisdiction) or in Alderney (a UK Channel Island licensing jurisdiction). If a player wins when playing a game of poker which is recognised as a game of skill, he or she can be taxed by up to 50% of their winnings because under current Swedish laws this is classed as professional income.

The government in Sweden is trying to bring in a more relaxed approach towards online gambling and it plans to introduce legislation to monitor and issue licenses to land based operators and eventually to foreign operators as well. Changes are likely to come into effect at some point in 2014, so by the time you are reading this new laws may have already been implemented.