United Kingdom (UK) Gambling at Online Casino Sites

Online gambling in the United Kingdom is perfectly legal and since the dawn of internet gambling, the UK has actually had one of the best regulatory frameworks in the world. The main governing body is known as the UK Gambling Commission. This authority issues licenses to any company that wishes to set up an online gambling website and these companies can also then offer their services to players from all over the world.

The UK government also intends to bring in a new point of consumption taxation at some point in 2014 and as soon as this new law comes into effect, it won’t matter where the gambling operator is based (e.g. Gibraltar, Alderney, the Isle of Man or Malta,) it will have to start paying more taxes on any revenue generated by UK players.

In other words, there will be nowhere for the operators to hide and they won’t be able to avoid paying these heavy taxes. This will basically take a huge chunk of their profits away from them. In addition to this new taxation law, the UK government also plans to require a UK license from any operator that advertises to UK players or to any operator that offers its online gambling services to UK players.

One of the main reasons why so many operators chose to operate from outside UK borders is because of the steep 15% tax that is levied on Gross Gaming Revenue. In comparison, most offshore tax-havens charge just 1% tax. However, the 15% tax rate is in accordance with the current tax rate for gambling operators that hold a UK online gambling license..

When The Gambling Act of 2005 was passed, it basically modernised gambling regulations in the UK and this is also when the Gambling Commission first formed. The Gambling Act is comprised of multiple conditions & policies, many of which pertain to gambling problems and it stipulates that operators must be seen to actively promote responsible gambling at their sites.

UK players can visit hundreds of different fully licensed online casinos and they can also enjoy a wide range of other online gambling activities such as sportsbetting, poker, bingo and lotteries. They can enjoy a wide range of licensed software and they can generally find some great bonuses and 24 hour professionally trained support. Many UK online casinos (and other similar gambling portals) are controlled by some of the most reputable operators in the gambling industry.

Some Great Links for UK Visitors

  • UK Gambling Commission - This is the website for the Gambling Commision website that was setup in conjunction with the gambling act of 2005 in the UK. A good resource of information pertaining to online gambling in the UK.

  • Gamblers Anonymous - The official website of the UK's gamblers anonymous organization. This is a confidential and private non-profit organization. If you or anyone you may know within the UK has a gambling problem this would be a great place to start as far as finding them help.

  • GamCare - Another non-profit organization that helps promote safe gambling. They became dominant with the increased level of activity in regards to online gambling in this last decade.